Happenings in and around the lab

Many thanks to Blaine Mooers for the invite to speak in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology seminar series at the OU Health Sciences Center in April 2015. Yes, it was also my birthday that day, and there is no better gift than the opportunity to share science! That's a Hallmark card quote if I've ever seen one...

It was wonderful meeting with the researchers in the center to see what else is happening medical research-wise in down in Oklahoma City. It was also interesting to find out that I may have overlapped ever so slightly with Franklin Hays during our postdoc times at UCSF. There are thousands of postdocs at UCSF, so it isn't surprising that we didn't officially meet way back when. It was great meeting with everyone, and hopefully I didn't scare too many people with a talk that was a little more "physical chemistry" than normal for a medical school.

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