Happenings in and around the lab

Thank you to both Uli Hansmann and Franklin Hays for thinking of me as a short notice substitute for speaking at the 2015 From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology Workshop being held in Oklahoma City in May. I was already planning to attend, so I might as well be put to work.

As a Freshman Research Scholar, Cassidy had the honor of presenting her research work at the April 2015 OSU Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Many thanks to Blaine Mooers for the invite to speak in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology seminar series at the OU Health Sciences Center in April 2015. Yes, it was also my birthday that day, and there is no better gift than the opportunity to share science! That's a Hallmark card quote if I've ever seen one...

Thank you to Randal Hollford at Midwestern State for the invite down to Texas in March 2015!

The first in a criminally long backlog of updates, I want to thank Qiang Cui for the invite to speak in the Theoretical Chemistry Institute (TCI) seminar series at the University of Wisconsin back in March 2015.