Happenings in and around the lab

It was nice to receive a note from Pavel Jungwirth, Senior Editor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry. He let us know that our recent publication on i-PMF was included in a special virtual issue on recent advances in ion pairing in experiment and simulations!

The article, Ion Pairing: From Water Clusters to the Aqueous Bulk, actually highlights 2 of our works: 1) our 2009 study on ion pairing of the alkali halides and 2) our i-PMF work that was published just last month. Included works are described as exemplifying "current progress in experimental and computational approaches to ion pairing in cluster and bulk aqueous systems with important practical implications, in particular, for biological problems." Fantastic! Congrats to Miha for his hard work on this project, and as always, thanks to Ken for building a wonderful research environment and allowing us the flexibility to pursue exciting projects like this one. Support from my Oklahoma State Startup was also invaluable. Also, thanks to Alberto Perez for his work on the TITAN allocation request and Geoff Rollins for his work on the i-PMF web application (which isn't in the paper, but should get included in the next article Miha and I are working on).

It is great to see that this project is getting positive recognition. The next study should be even harder-hitting than this one!

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